Audi Pittsburgh - Team Member Profiles

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Calvin Lane
General Manager
(888) 713-8823

Calvin has over 20 years of automotive experience.  Calvin is process driven and he stresses that the difference between good and great are in the details.  He is also passionate about taking care of and forming long term relationships with his customers.  In his free time, Calvin can be found spending time with family, golfing, skiing, or following his beloved Pittsburgh sports teams.

Davor Puljic
General Sales Manager
(888) 713-8823

Davor joined the Audi Pittsburgh team in 2016. He moved here from Cleveland where he spent about 10 years in the Automotive Industry. During his time in Cleveland, Davor spent time with General Motors, Porsche and Audi. In his free time he enjoys traveling and watching Cleveland Sports especially the Cleveland Browns.

Jon McMeans
Sales Manager
(888) 713-8823

Jon has 18 yrs of experience in automotive.  He is passionate about helping people finding the car or SUV that fits their needs and lifestyle.  In his free time, John likes boating in the summer and going to local craft breweries in the winter.

Ted Lesko
Finance Manager
(888) 713-8823

Ted has 2 years of Finance Experience.  He enjoys getting to know his customers while they are picking up a new car!  In his spare time, Ted can be seen driving his Audi A7 and is often found on the golf course in the summer time.

Sherri McKillop
Audi Internet Coordinator

Sherri has 12 years of experience in Auto Retail.  She is passionate about getting to know her clients and helping them with all of their needs.  Sherri finds it most rewarding when she is able find solutions that are out of the ordinary in order to meet a clients requests.  Sherri is proud and blessed to have a beautiful blended family of 7 with 5 children between the ages of 16 and 24 (not including her rescue Mastiff and Shepard).

Elliott Burns
Audi Brand Specialist
(888) 713-8823

Elliott brings four years of Experience to Audi Pittsburgh as an Audi Brand Specialist.  Elliot was ranked #1 in new Audi sales in the Western PA / New York Audi district in 2017.  Elliott's passion for cars spills over to his free time.  He participates in SCCA Solo and is a member of the North Hills Sports Car Club.  Elliott can also be found on the track racing his Audi S3 and even performing stand-up comedy every Monday night on the South Side - no joke.

Jon Stuver
Audi Brand Specialist
(888) 713-8823

John has 7 years of Audi experience in Pittsburgh as an Audi Brand Specialist. John has an appreciation for German cars and is passionate about the the Audi Brand.  In John's free time he enjoys just about any outdoor activity including hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding.

Steven Catalo
Audi Brand Specialist
(888) 713-8823

Greetings Audi fans!  Steven "Sport" Catalo is an Audi Brand Specialist who specializes in all of the Audi models and also has a deep passion for the Sport variants. Steve has 3 years of automotive experience and would love to help you become an Audi fan.  In his free time, Steve loves to take his 2 year old French bulldog Ella on long weekend trips in his Audi S3.

Chris Scriva
Audi Brand Specialist

Ryan Woods
Audi Brand Specialist

Linda Breier
(888) 713-8823

If you have walked into Audi Pittsburgh, you almost certainly have been warmly greeted by Linda.  She has een with Audi Pittsburgh since the store opened in July, 2015.  In her spare time, Linda can be found spending time with her daughter.

John Peters
Lot Support
(888) 713-8823

John has been with Audi Pittsburgh for a short time but he has made a large impact at the store.  John takes pride in making sure that the Audi's that he prepares for delivery are standing tall.  In John's free time, he can usually be found outdoors hiking, rappelling, or fishing. He might even be seen at a competitive shooting competition or getting involved with community service.  John also volunteers as a Disaster Relief Responder (most recently in Puerto Rico) and works in local emergency management.

Alex Kean
Lot Attendant

Alex is new to the Audi Pittsburgh team.  He loves being able to experience the Audi Products first hand on a daily basis and takes pride in making each vehicle look its best.  Alex is a car enthusiast who likes working on his personal vehicles which are sometimes labeled as "projects".  In his free time, Alex plays the piano, violin, and Ukulele.  He also collects Vintage Cameras which he puts to use from time to time.  Last, you might not know this - Alex is a Nidan (Second Degree) Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.  The team at Audi Pittsburgh all feels a bit more secure knowing this!!



Larry Pryor
Service Manager
(888) 697-1279

Larry has 15 years experience as an Audi Service Manager.  Larry is passionate about the Audi Brand as well as taking care of customers who own Audi's.  Larry is married with three children.  In his spare time Larry can be found spending time with his family, running around the racetrack, and also may be found under the hood of one of his vehicle projects.

Patrick McCulloch
Service Advisor
(888) 697-1279

Patrick has 3 years of experience as an Audi Service Advisor and previously served 8 years as an Audi Technician.  He enjoys converting people into fellow Audi enthusiasts.  Patrick owns a unique 2000 Audi A4 Avant with a mere 248,000 miles.  Patrick is an officer of our local Audi Club.  Originally from Mount Washington, Patrick enjoys skiing, biking, and anything outdoors in his free time.

Karen Timko (Hunter)
Service Advisor
(888) 713-8823

You may know Karen by her maiden name "Hunter" or her newly married name "Timko".  Karen has been advising Audi service customers for many years.  Karen is passionate about efficiently assisting her service customers who are getting their Audi's maintained and repaired.  In her spare time, Karen can be found spending time with her newlywed husband.

Tim Doyle
(888) 713-8823

Tim has been with Audi Pittsburgh for almost 3 years.  You might know Tim if you've ever scheduled pick up and delivery service since Tim is the point person for that service.  He also might be the one greeting you as you walk into the store.  Tim enjoys the relationships that he has built over time while working at Audi Pittsburgh.  In his free time, Tim enjoys spending time with family, watching his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins, and traveling to exotic places including Aruba every couple of years.

Michael Massey
Service Technician
(888) 697-1279

Mike is an Audi Master Guild Technician. He has 5 years of Audi Technician Experience as well as 12 of years total experience as an automotive technician.  In his free time, Mike enjoys both eclectic and classic cars.  He also is a rabid Penguins fan who grew up playing hockey and still can be found on the ice from time to time even though he claims to not be very good at the game. One thing is for certain, if Mike is working on your car, you can have confidence in the expertise he carries along with his Master Technician credentials.

Robert Butchko
Service Technician
(888) 697-1279

Rob has 5 years of Audi Technician Experience as well as 11 of years total experience as an automotive technician.  In his free time, Rob enjoys following his beloved Pittsburgh sports teams, especially the Steelers and Penguins.  Rob also enjoys working on his own classic cars - including a 1970 Ford Thunderbird.  Whether your car is in the classic older range or is relatively new, you are sure to get quality work done if Rob is on the job.

Thomas Arkusauskas
Service Technician
(888) 697-1279

Tom has 3 years of Audi Technician Experience.  He has also been in the racing industry since he was only 15 years old.  Tom participates in BMX as well as Sim Racing.  He also enjoys time Gardening which offers relaxation compared to his other adrenaline chasing hobbies.  And don't forget his love of dogs.  With Tom's racing background, you can be sure that he understands the importance of making sure your Audi is operating up to its full potential and you can have confidence that he will get the job done well when working on your car.

Nick Pointon
(888) 713-8823

Nick has 9 years of High Line Automotive Technician Experience.  Nick loves Audi's but on weekends, you might spot him riding on 2 wheels instead of 4.  Nick is passionate about all forms of Motor Sports.  Whether at work or play, Nick has a love and passion for vehicles.  I'm sure that makes our customers happy that he is on the job for you.

Josh Jacob
(888) 697-1279

Robert has been an Audi Technician for 9 months.  The newest member of the Audi Pittsburgh Technician team, Robert says he enjoys working on Audi's because he is really admires the brand.  Robert enjoys the teamwork in the shop which he says has contributed to his growth as an Audi Technician.  In his free time, Robert enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as playing sports.

Anthony Rocco
Lot Support
(888) 713-8823



Gary Fisher
Parts Manager
(888) 697-1279

Parts Manager Gary Fisher joined the Audi Pittsburgh team in June 2015. He comes to us with 20 years of automotive experience - and a passion for all things Audi. Not only does he enjoy the cars, he enjoys interacting with people who love the brand as well.

Mike Tamiggi
Parts Advisor
(888) 697-1279

Mike has been with Audi Pittsburgh since it first opened in 2015. He is no stranger to the Cochran family; he started at the Nissan of South Hills location. Working in the automotive industry for three years, the people with whom he works is what he enjoys most about his job.